If you are a prospective Doctoral or Masters student interested in tackling some challenging problems in machine learning and AI with applications to healthcare, intelligent automation and manufacturing and computer vision, apply to the graduate programs in

and mention my name in your application.

Email Protocol for Applicants
  • If you are reaching out via email, be sure to use the following format for the subject line: <term> <degree/position sought> Applicant , e.g. Winter 2023 Ph.D. Applicant
  • In general, I am looking for candidates with the following background:
    • deep learning research (papers, projects, etc.)
    • ML software development (python, pytorch, TensorFlow), and
    • course-work and fluency in linear algebra, calculus, and probability and stochastic processes for Masters (thesis) applications. Additionally, Ph.D. candidates with experience in optimization methods.
  • Emails not following this protocol or missing information about background are not read.
  • It is impossible to respond to each email, I will see your application in the system once you apply. Please don’t send multiple follow-ups.
  • I do not provide any profile assessment services.