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Students and Researchers affiliated with Critical ML

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Other Supervision, Mentoring, and Collaborations

Pratik Bhowal, Undergraduate Research Intern, National Institute of Technology, Jadhavpur, India and NVIDIA , Mar. ‘22 –
Yingji Sun, Machine Learning Analyst, Ajmera Transplant Center, University Health Network, Toronto, ON, Canada (Supervisor: Dr. M. Bhat) , Nov. ‘22 –

Final Year Design Team Supervision

Justine Archer, Francois Barnard, Arden Song, Christiana Wu, and Charles Yu, Collaborative Selection Systems in Recruiting , May ‘22 – May ‘23, Konrad Capstone Design Award, Management Engineering Design Award 🏆
Gunchica Bhalla, Laurie Gao, Soohyun Kim, Ashwuni Kumar,and Olivia You, AI-based Non-expert Assistive System, May ‘22 – May ‘23, Semi-Finalist for the Norman Esch Entrepreneurship Award 🏆
Kimathi Kaai (MME), Peter Marshall (SyDE), Nathan Rowe (MME), and James Serez (SyDE), Vysio: AI for improving Physiotherapy Adherence and Outcomes, (I-Beam Award for being voted best by peers), May ‘22 – May ‘23 🏆

Past Members

Kimathi Kaai, URA, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering , Winter ‘22
Bruce Wang, URA, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, Winter ‘23
Chang Liu, URA, Statistics and Computational Mathematics Fall ‘22 – Winter ‘23
Marlize Van Sittert, URA, Faculty of Arts Fall ‘22 – Winter ‘23
Francois Barnard, URA, Management Sciences, Fall ‘22 – Winter ‘23
Sheila Afros, NSERC USRA, Management Sciences, Fall ‘22
Madison Mussari, URA, Software Engineering, Fall ‘22
Joshua Kurien, URA, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, Fall ‘22
Vivek Alamuri, URA, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Fall ‘22
Yipeng Du, URA, Statistics and Computational Mathematics, Spring – Fall ‘22
Mariam Sedik, Mitacs Business Strategy Intern, Spring – Fall ‘22
Vanshaj Vohra, Mitacs Business Strategy Intern, Spring – Fall ‘22